NLP Group of Charitable Hospital is open keeping in view the poor so that people who have money problem can also get their treatment from good doctor.

NLP Group of Charitable Hospital is located in JasizChaurahaJaunpur and all types of patients are seen here. This hospital is attached to the NGO, through which the hospital can easily get the treatment of the poor.

Those patients who are unable to get their treatment, NLP Group of Charitable Hospital provides free treatment with the help of their NGO (Rular Educational welfare Society).

The owner of NLP Group of Charitable Hospital is AdityaChauhan, before this he has already contributed well in the clinic field through his health camp and every year to increase the enthusiasm of the people, every Dev Diwali program is organized in which all types of people participate and the winner is honored by a prize.

MBBS , BAMS doctors practice in NLP Group of Charitable Hospitals and MS doctors are present for surgery.

Facility available in NLP Group of Charitable Hospital


All types of medicines are available in medical stores. Discount is given on all medicines if you are associated with our NGO. If you certify that you are unable to get your treatment, then all your medicine will be given by our NGO, for which no fee will be charged from you.

Outpatient Department (OPD)

In OPD, clinical consultation is provided to patients which includes history taking, clinical examination, diagnosis and providing prescription to patients besides advising laboratory tests in some cases. OPD has a waiting hall with chairs, a TV, public utilities like drinking water and toilets. Sub waiting areas are available in front of individual consultation rooms. Wheel chairs, trolleys and attendants are there to help very sick patients.


NLP Group of Charitable Hospital has general wards but the facilities and services of this ward are excellent.

There is 1 gnm staff on 5 beds, they are always present so that there is no shortage in service.

Oxygen, nebulizer, pulse oximeter are installed on all beds so that they can be used when needed.

In view of the emergency service, ICU monitor is also available on some beds, through which the patient can be treated well by easily seeing the heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, ECG graph.

Operation Theater (OT)

The OT is kept properly clean at NLP Group of Charitable Hospitals. Here GB stone, kidney stone, appendix, normal delivery, delivery by operation, hernia, piles are operated, apart from this normal operation is also done here.

To monitor the patient at the time of operation, there is a system of ICU monitor, pulse oximeter, blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate, body oxygen level and also oxygen facility is available.

Patient Counselor

NLP Group of Charitable Hospital provides patient counseling for all the patients who feel mentally disturbed and stressed so that patients can live their life stress free.